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“NO!!!!” “OH MY GOSH!!!” “CHALLIE!!!” The three shuttles screamed as they watched the terrible event playing before their eyes. One minute Challenger had been ascending as normal, and out of the blue she had just been overcome by an explosion!

Atlantis was sobbing hysterically, Discovery was shouting out in shock of what had happened, and Columbia was looking at the explosion with a horrified expression, tears running down her face. As the nearby crowd screamed in equal horror as did hundreds of television viewers, the three shuttles watched, sickened, as their sister’s remains plummeted downwards into the Atlantic ocean. They knew that there was no chance that the crew would survive any of this. It was undeniable; Challenger and her crew were gone…

As the crowd that had gathered at the KSC slowly began to leave, all of them with dumbfounded expressions, some of them even crying and hugging their loved ones. As night fell, the three shuttles huddled in Columbia’s hangar to grieve over their lost sister. Columbia was doing her best to hold it together since as fleet leader and the oldest sister, her younger sisters needed her for guidance. Atlantis was shaking and sobbing quietly, while Discovery was overcome by pain and anguish.

It wasn’t right! Challenger should have been in space by now, not lying in a dozen pieces at the bottom of the ocean! Why did this have to happen? Why had fate decided to take away her wonderful, energetic and kind sister who had never failed to cheer her up in bad times like this so early! It just wasn’t fair…

Discovery leaned onto Columbia and sobbed along with Atlantis. “Hush sister… Hush now…” Columbia said silently while trying to soothe her grieving sisters, but it was apparent she was on the verge of breaking down as well. Eventually she couldn’t take it anymore and she let tears roll down her face, leaning into both of them.

As much as they wanted to deny it, the whole thing was real… Challenger was never going to land home again or greet them in her usual way. They would never again see her skip around happily after eating her favorite treat of sugar mice nor would they see her grinning face to comfort them whenever they were feeling down….

The sudden thought of all this was too much for Discovery to take. Breaking free of her sisters, she raced to the launch pad where Challenger had launched from earlier, tears streaming down her face. When she got there, she fell to the ground, crying out. To the humans working at the Kennedy, all they heard was anguished roaring. But to Columbia and Atlantis, they heard something even more heartbreaking…

A week passed for everyone. Challenger should have come home by now, but instead of landing on the runway, she was coming home in multiple parts for humans to analyze in order to find out the cause of the disaster. In the meantime, the space shuttles were grounded until the cause could be found. President Reagan gave a small speech in memory of them “We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them…”

A small service was held for Challenger and her lost crew at the Kennedy Space Center on a cloudy day in February. There was a makeshift stage with a podium, and behind the podium was Challenger’s photo, as well as the photo of her crew. All of the staff that worked there was attending, as well as the families of the lost crew. The shuttles could tell they had been grieving for their lost loved ones, just as the shuttles had grieved for Challenger.

The director got up and started to make a speech. The staff and shuttles listened with a solumn look, and the families put their heads down. The director concluded his speech with this statement: “It is really so terrible that this had to happen… I really think that our beloved Challenger and her crew deserve much better than what happened to them…”

A memorial stone that was much like a gravestone, but much larger was put up on a small grass covered area. On it was a plaque dedicated to the lost, with Challenger launching right in the middle. Discovery nuzzled Atlantis and Columbia as they looked at their sister’s name in the middle. They’d never thought they’d have to do this…

As people began to walk up and put flowers on the stone, Atlantis rolled up with them with a bouquet of beautiful yellow snapdragons, Challenger’s favorite flower. As she placed it down, everyone could see a small red object among the golden petals; it was the apple that Atlantis had promised she would save for Christa upon coming home.

Discovery rolled forward and gently placed the box of sugar mice down, and she closed her eyes, trying to prevent the tears from falling. Inside grief burned, but there was also another emotion; anger.

She quickly backed off and rolled away from everyone, startling a few people and her sisters as well. “Disco what’s wrong?” Columbia cried as she tried to follow, but Discovery looked over her shoulder and gave her a ferocious glare, causing gasps of shock from everyone. They had never seen that look on her face before…

As Discovery rolled back to her hangar, she caught sight of a huge boulder nearby. She and Challenger had managed to grab it and haul it back to the Kennedy when they had been playing one day, causing some puzzled look from everyone. After getting a good laugh, the sisters had decided to keep it as a ‘momentum’ of their little adventure.

But now, an intense, burning anger overcame Discovery. She grabbed the boulder in her teeth and threw it as far as she could, breaking it in half. Then she raced over and began crushing whatever was left of it into dust, while savagely growling. When nothing was left of it but a fine dust, Discovery turned around to see everyone watching her in shock. “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT???!!!!” She roared. “LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!” Then she raced into her hangar and slammed the door behind her, locking it.

Back outside, the staff slowly dispersed from the area, still shocked over Discovery’s actions. She had been known to get angry before, but not like this… Columbia and Atlantis sighed to each other as they stood there long after everyone else had left. When night had fallen, they slowly rolled up to the door and Atlantis knocked twice. “Disco?” she asked in a soft voice.

Atlantis: :music: Please, we know you’re in there, People are wondering where you’ve been… :music:

Columbia: :music: They say of courage and we’re trying to, we’re right out here for you… Just let us in… :music:

Atlantis: :music: We’ve only got each other… It’s just us three… what are we going to do…”

*Both sisters slump down sadly*

Both: :music: Do you wanna go out flying… :music:

Inside her hangar, Discovery had heard them, but she didn’t feel like answering. She looked at the picture of them all before Challenger’s death, and she slowly put her head down. “those humans…” Discovery said to herself. “They were supposed to take care of us… and they let this happen to my sister…” She clenched her teeth. “Those humans lied to me… they didn’t care about Challie… They only wanted to suit their own needs.” She growled to herself.

So from that moment forth, Discovery made a vow to herself. Never again would she trust a human. From now on, they were only going to see the angry part of her. She would let them know how she hated them. Because they were the ones who had killed Challenger…
Discovery mourns deeply for her lost sister. And, blaming the humans for what happened, she makes a vow that she will never again trust a human...

Co-written by :icondisco747:

Lyrics are from Disney's "Frozen"
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InfiniteRespect Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dat Frozen reference... 

So far I've picked up a MLP reference and now this.
Enterprise4life Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
boeingboeing2 Featured By Owner May 20, 2014

(i wish we could roleplay this)
Enterprise4life Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You RP?
boeingboeing2 Featured By Owner May 20, 2014
Tulmur95 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014

So seeing Challenger die this way, it tore Discovery apart. But beneath all of that anger and distrust is nothing more than sadness at the loss of Challenger and the disappointment of human inaction. Bitterness and having a short temper are merely coping mechanisms for what is in fact a great sadness.

Taking Psychology class has proven useful, apparently. Perhaps counseling and coming to the realization that anger and bitterness are not good ways of coping with a loss will help; but breaking a vow to never trust would without doubt be very difficult indeed.


(Nice Frozen reference, by the way.)

Enterprise4life Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It sure does... However, Disco is going to meet someone very special soon, and will help her to open up to the world and she will also learn to realize who the real enemy is.

(Thanks ^^ I kinda loosely based Disco's regression from the world on Elsa hiding away ^^ )

Tulmur95 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
Nice idea for regression. Eileen comes, now I remember.
Disco747 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Excellent work! The next human who goes anywhere near Disco is in for a serious shock!
Enterprise4life Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
They sure will!
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